Sanbros Spares Private Limited (SSPL) is a government authorized contractor dealing with electrical and civil work apart from trading products related to the above fields from Indian MNCs as well as foreign MNCs to fulfil contracts in Railways, Metro-rail projects, Irrigation, NHAI, Ports, Coal fields, Refineries, NTPC, Defence, etc.

Depending on the field of an organization, SSPL has different products and services to meet its requirements. We provide the optimum and customized solutions made for any related pain points in a organization.

Sanbros Spares Private Limited (SSPL), began its business operation as a company catered mainly to government contractor ship and providing solutions in January 2006, with our class of registration as “Sales & Services‟ for Indian companies, MNCs” products and work contractors.

SSPL is focused exclusively on high quality and cost-effective products for development and implementation of services. We are advancing at a tremendous pace with one of our core strengths as self-motivated involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization.

Mission & Values


Sanbros’ mission is to cater world’s emerging technology to help the environment with great products as the premier for saving energy, focusing on delivering innovation, diversity, and quality in its uniquely customized products & services and at less cost”. To do this, Sanbros is committed to providing unique and reliable services. Saving Environment with a focus on emerging environment-friendly great products and providing services to the global market in a short time, at less cost and with higher quality. Become Global Player Structured partnerships that fully incorporate client objectives, while guaranteeing quality, cost savings and time-to-market satisfaction.

    • Furthermore, Sanbros adheres to a strict business philosophy based on the following values:


We believe in treating people with respect. We believe in always doing what we say we will and when we say we will do it. We always hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and take personal responsibility for our words and actions.


– We greatly value our people and seek to empower them.
– We believe in the free flow of information, regardless of rank or power, so that everyone has access to the most complete data in order to make the best decisions.
– We maximize transparency to create an environment where every individual is accessible and encouraged to contribute, and where each thought is valued and factored into making decisions.


We believe that a good team is stronger than the sum of its parts, which Means unity is the strength. True teamwork and true partnership assume an intimate understanding and alignment of each other’s goals and require each party to actively care for and trust the other. We always treat our clients, investors, and colleagues as partners.


We believe in always learning and innovating. We encourage and reward those who challenge conventional wisdom, take risks and speak out. We believe that inspiring people to grow is good for the individual, good for our clients, and good for the business

Our Culture
We believe in value & each individual at Sanbros Spares understands it. The value is in the culture, work environment, commitment, positive thinking and consistency reflect in progress.
Over the years the promoters of SSPL have developed an extremely strong network of dedicated marketing professionals, who have successfully executed multiple projects in Railways and Power Sector. Perhaps the biggest strength of the technical team is their utmost emphasis on maintaining the highest standards in development by identifying and empathizing with ‘the customer needs’ and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The highly competent and committed team of professionals is drawn from all over India.
Board of directors

Prashant Kabra, Md & CEO

Prashant Kabra, is a dynamic entrepreneur. Currently he is heading Sanbros Spares Pvt. Ltd.
An MBA Marketing with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has proven his skills by developing marketing strategies, developing innovative products and contractual skills and making Indian Railways and Power Sector as one of the main client apart from irrigation, transport, PWD , NHAI, NTPC, PGCIL, coal India Ltd. and other corporate customers. He has given SSPL a strong foundation with an ability to develop fast and give steady growth and his vision is to develop all over India branches with a team network of around 50+ executives.

Vinita Prashant Kabra, Director

Vinita Prashant Kabra is a B.Com graduate with and diploma in interiors and has expertise in accounting and management skills to give instant solutions to most of the issues which need solutions related to accounts and overall management, especially during crisis situations.